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Tidel 3100


Our Story

Incorporated in 2003, The Bank Machine’s commitment has always been to provide a service-oriented ATM company with the best service, focusing strictly on the sales, service and placements of its ATMs. The Bank Machine’s nationwide operations embody Experience, Personal Service, and Reliability as the pillars of the company. The Bank Machine maintains a robust core customer group of restaurant-based, service-oriented retail establishments.

Our Promise

The instant access to cash at our Bank Machines provides convenience for your customers and increases both their spending and your revenue. ATMs open the door to new customers who may take their business elsewhere using a debit card. Incremental revenues increase for you with each ATM transaction. The benefits are irrefutable, for both you and your customer. However, none of this is possible if your machines are inoperable or empty. You can count on The Bank Machine to manage your ATM operations and leave you to the business of managing the bottom line. Our success is built upon great service, reliable people, quality equipment and accurate reporting.



The Bank Machine Inc. 4936 Yonge Street, Suite #227, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2N 6S3
T: (416) 222-4494, F: (416) 352-5435
Toll Free: 1-866-286-0555